3 Mamaearth Face Masks You Must Have in Your Skincare Kit

Mamaearth Face Masks

When it comes to skincare, you consider you have it sorted. You’ve got your CTM routine down pat, and you follow it religiously every day. You’ve chosen the right products for your skin type, and you even throw in the occasional exfoliation! 

If this, is you, awesome – you’re doing great! However, there is still something that is missing in your routine – a step that could take your skincare to the next level and leave your skin glowing and healthy like never. Yes, we’re talking about masking and not the pandemic-variety mask – this one is packed with all kinds of good stuff for your skin.

Since we believe it’s important to choose safe products for your body and the environment, we prefer brands with natural ingredients that don’t have adverse side effects. Today, we pick the top 3 Mamaearth face masks that you must include in your skincare routine for gorgeous and glowing skin.

1. Ubtan Face Mask with Saffron & Turmeric

Few Indians have grown up without having heard of ubtan – and being constantly reminded to apply it! Ubtan is a preparation based on Ayurvedic principles, including skin-friendly ingredients. The actual list of ingredients varies widely across the country, but the most common ones are chickpea flour and turmeric. 

We at Mamaearth, take the traditional ubtan and give it an extra lift with ingredients like saffron and apricot oil. Turmeric and saffron are packed with antioxidants that protect against free radical damage while also clearing skin and making it glow.

Apricot oil is an excellent exfoliator, and it helps get rid of dead skin cells to reveal glowing skin. Cucumber offers intense hydration and is perfect for soothing sunburnt or irritated skin. It also helps to reduce suntan, giving you lovely skin.

If you’re looking for a face mask that restores your skin to its former glory and want to get rid of excessive tan, this is the perfect product for you!

2. Vitamin C Face Mask with Kaolin Clay

If you’ve been up to date with the latest trends in the beauty industry, you know that Vitamin C is pretty big right now. Vitamin C is great for your body, but it’s also got loads of benefits for your skin, whatever your skin type or age. And one of the best ways to get Vitamin C is through a face mask!

When you apply a face mask, your skin gets enough time to absorb the nutrients and get the most of it. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects against free radical damage and offers many anti-aging benefits. It also fights hyperpigmentation, removes scars, and improves skin tone.

Turmeric also provides antioxidant benefits and gives skin that golden glow. Another important ingredient in this face mask is kaolin clay, a type of clay that cleanses and exfoliates the skin from within. The result is that deep-seated impurities and dead skin cells are removed, revealing glowing skin. Glycerine ensures that you get all these benefits while staying moisturized and nourished.

So, if your skin has borne the brunt of daily pollution, sun damage, and extreme weather, this Vitamin C Face mask is your new BFF! 

3. Neem Face Mask with Tea Tree

Acne is often referred to as an adolescent problem that disappears as people reach adulthood. Unfortunately for many of us, acne is a lifelong problem and one that flares up whenever there is any hormonal change in the body. Just when we think we’re past that age, it comes up again!

A great way to tackle adult acne is with neem. Neem leaves have been known for centuries for their anti-bacterial properties, which are crucial in healing acne. Acne occurs when bacteria enter pores in our skin and infects them. Neem oil gets rid of this bacterium and keeps skin clear and healthy.

Another acne-fighting ingredient in this face mask is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil gets rid of excessive oil on the skin, which can otherwise clog pores and end up inflaming them. Together with neem, tea tree oil keeps skin, and the pores always clear. 

Apricot oil is a great exfoliator, which eliminates dead skin cells that could also block skin if not removed. Contrary to popular belief, apricot oil does not make skin extra oily. Mulberry extract provides some extra antioxidant boost that fights premature aging and gives you even-toned, smooth, and clear skin.

If you’re constantly plagued by adult acne and breakouts during periods, give this face mask a go – it helps clear existing pimples and prevents future breakouts.

While these face masks are suitable for all skin types, it is recommended to try a patch test before applying the face mask all over your face. Here are the basic steps to use a face mask:

  1. Tie up your hair and move all the hair away from your face with a headband.
  2. Wash your face with a mild face wash suited to your skin type.
  3. Pat dry your face with a soft towel.
  4. Apply a layer of the face mask all over your face and neck, leaving out the eye and mouth area.
  5. Leave the face mask on for 15 minutes.
  6. Wash off the mask with cool water and pat dry.

Use a face pack twice a week for at least two months to see results. Remember, consistency is key! And do not forget a patch test!

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