5 Things That Helped Me Lose My Baby Weight

The decision to become a mother and carrying the little one in the womb, is still easy, in comparison to what happens after the birth of the baby. Whether C-section or normal delivery, there is no way out for the woman to escape from, once when she decides to tread the path of motherhood. There is post-partum anxiety, sagged belly after baby’s delivery, sleepless nights, hell lot of pain while breastfeeding, sitting and standing… and a lot more.

Among all these pains that the new mom goes through, what upsets her the most is –the transformation of her figure which she feels cannot be regained back….

I too was among those moms,who worried a lot over the baby weight that had been put on.

The question of –How to lose my baby fat- used to boggle my mind a lot while taking care of my child!

But then I got fixated on certain habits and a healthy way of living, through, which I was able to get back in shape and lose baby weight

If you too want to know How to lose my baby fat,and exactly what brought the change in me and my body, then read on ahead-

1)    Surrendered self to sound sleep, YOGA & exercise

As a new mom, I felt being deprived of sleep (for obvious reasons!), so I decided to find the way out. I assigned the house chores to family members, to get the power naps when my baby used to sleep.

I even showed my husband how to formula feed the baby, once he started taking it.

Also, post-delivery, I spoke to my gynaecologist and went back to exercising, once she approved and suggested the exercises to lose baby weight. I started with the basic exercise like jogging, swimming, and YOGA.

YOGA is an experience in itself, the slow and steady one, which I enjoyed doing and have been practicing it to this day too.

2)    Gave up the intake of fatty food –

Banned the entry of sugary, fast food, aerated drinks, cakes, biscuits, pastries – all the food which I once loved to munch-in.

Although it was tough initially, I completely gave up on eating them any further, because they were only satisfying my taste buds but were giving me no nutrition, which I needed the most, post-delivery. This was the best thing I believe I did to myself in order to lose baby weight.

3)    Added appetizing portions of fruits and vegetables

I made it a point to add at least 3 to 5 portions of delicious and full of energy fruits and vegetables to my diet in order to lose baby weight. I did it purposely not because they are rich in fiber, but also because they contain nutrients, are high on water content, contain antioxidants.

This addition to my diet helped me lose baby fat fast, kept my energy levels high and gave my baby the right nutrition too.

4)    Found my wonder tonic – Apple Cider Vinegar

Post the delivery of my little one I was hooked on one thing for a lot of reasons – my smartphone. I looked for everything possible on the internet. The baby cream, baby powders, baby wash, breastfeeding supplements, weight loss products, infant clothes, strollers, feeding bottles, mom care clothing and what not!

While checking out these things I landed on this 100% natural and effective product to lose baby weightMamaEarth’s Apple Cider Vinegar. I decided to find a little more about it. Checked its reviews, asked the friends who had used it, looked through the FAQ’s and once satisfied, bought it.

With its continuous use, I saw a swift change in myself, my body, my energy and reduction in the baby weight…

5)    Brisk Walk helped A LOT!

I started following the routine of going out for half an hour of brisk walk in evening after taking MamaEarth’s Apple Cider Vinegar. The result was really elating.

Even to this day, I am holding on to this regimen. Believe me, the ACV and brisk walk have truly helped me to lose baby fat fast,stay fit and in shape.

Moms, shedding the pregnancy weight is truly a task, that should start in time before this weight becomes stubborn and refuses to go away. My journey was no easy, but with these 5 smart and healthy choices, I won over my excess pregnancy weight. I want every single mom who has read so far, to be benefitted the same way I was. But make sure you get approval from your gynecologist first, before starting with the above-mentioned things.

So, get ready to sweat out and lose baby weightwith your smart as well as hard work, patience, determination, and dedication!

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