7 Reasons to Use Mamaearth’s Wet Wipes

Mamaearth’s Wet Wipes

Mamaearth’s Organic Bamboo Based Wipes are made with 100% organic bamboo cloth.

If you ever looked into the diaper bag of a new mum, you’re sure to find a pack of wet wipes. Not just new mums and nursing mothers, wet wipes are increasingly becoming an integral part of many family needs.

Without any further ado, let’s introduce you to Mamaearth’s Organic Bamboo Wipes. They are India’s 1st Organic Wipes that are free from chemicals and other nasties. These are super gentle on your baby’s skin, and the best part is that since they are bio-degradable, they do not contribute to landfill.

Organic Bamboo Based Baby Wipes

Here are 7 reasons to use Mamaearth’s Organic Bamboo Wet Wipes

Mamaearth’s Organic Bamboo Based Wipes are made with 100% organic bamboo cloth. Organic bamboo cloth is one of the softest materials and is suitable for tender skin. It does not cause any rashes or abrasions like a regular polyester wipe.

100% Safe Ingredients

Mamaearth’s Organic Wet Wipes are packed with oodles of pure almond oil, shea butter, lavender essential oil, and pure aloe vera extracts. All these ingredients are chemical-free and 100% natural. These wipes help to cleanse the tender baby skin gently and also leave the skin hydrated as it cleans. E

Does Not Dry Out the Skin

Ever used a wet wipe that’s laden with alcohol only to find your skin has become dry after a few minutes? Imagine what would that do to your baby’s skin? Mamaearth’s Organic Bamboo Wet Wipes are packed with almond oil and shea butter that moisturizes the skin as you wipe them clean.  The oil act as a barrier and protects the tender baby’s skin.

No Nasties

It’s a boon when you make the switch to completely chemical-free products. Mamaearth’s Wet Wipes are free from artificial fragrances and parabens. They are also pH balanced, which ensures that your baby’s skin does not dry up. Mamaearth’s Bamboo Wet Wipes are dermatologically tested and are safe to use right from new-borns to kids up to 5 years of age.

Safe for Complete Cleaning

On days when you don’t want to bathe your little one, you can use these organic wipes to clean them thoroughly. Mamaearth’s Organic Bamboo Wet Wipes are safe to use all over the body and not just the baby’s bottom. The wipes have a blend of Disodium Cocoamphoacetate & Decyl Glucoside that are known to be natural cleansing and foaming agents. These are derived from coconut oil and helps to cleanse the skin gently.


A snap-lock seal ensures that the wipes remain fresh till the last one is pulled out. It also ensures no leakages and can easily fit in your purse or your diaper bag, making it effortless to carry wherever you go!

Value for Money

Priced at INR 249, Mamaearth Organic Bamboo Based Wipes comes in a pack of 72 wipes. If you calculate, it’s roughly INR 3 for every cleanse!

Does Not Contribute to Landfills

Do you know most disposable items can take up to 500 years to decompose completely? When you use polyester laden wipes, you are contributing to a landfill.  Bamboo fiber does not contribute to a landfill because they are bio-degradable.

Did we mention that the Bamb0o Based Wet Wipes work as an excellent make-up remover as well? So mommies out there, it’s safe for you to use! There are many reasons to switch to Mamaearth’s Organic Bamboo Wipes; however, which one is yours?

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