7 Tips to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you must be aware that your body goes through a lot of changes. Your stomach stretches like a balloon and other places just aren’t the same size that they used to be. But it is worth it to know that soon you will be holding that precious little person in your arms.

However, we understand that you still can’t help but worry about developing stretch marks. Here are some good tips on reducing stretch marks during pregnancy.

  1. Eat balanced diet

Eat a healthy well-balanced diet. Rapid weight gain is a common cause of stretch marks and is unhealthy for you and your baby. Eating right during pregnancy can help you keep your weight gain under control. Talk with your doctor about how much weight you should gain during your pregnancy. Just because you are eating for two doesn’t mean that you have permission to overdo it.

  1. Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water to keep your skin well hydrated and pliable. The next tip to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy is to drink lots of water. It is necessary to drink lots of pure and clean water. You will not only ensure the removal of stretch marks but will also ensure a good health for your baby. Make sure your skin does not become dehydrated.

  1. Massage with the right product

Another way to avoid stretch marks is to use the Essential Body Oil for Mama, from MamaEarth. It contains the goodness of Sea buckthorn, Pracaxi oil and Argan oil,that are known for their ability to minimize the appearance of stretch marks, repair and restore skin’s protective barrier. They are exceptional at keeping the skin moist and hydrated. Massage it onto your skin where stretch marks are forming. The massaging action itself can increase blood flow to that area and diminish visible stretch marks.

  1. Oil treatments

Helpful oils include Vitamin E oil, Olive oil, castor oil and Essential oils.  Vitamin E helps in increasing skin elasticity, thus prevents stretch marks. Antioxidant properties of these oil decrease free radical damage.

  1. Exercise during pregnancy

Exercising is imperative for the skin to maintain its elasticity by boosting your blood circulation. Additionally, exercise helps prevent from gaining way too much weight quickly, reducing the possibility of getting stretch marks. Include exercise into your every day routine– it could just be a walk.

  1. Improve skin elasticity with supplements

When your skin loses elasticity, it can no longer come back to its proper size. Take your prenatal vitamins. Your body needs extra vitamins and minerals at this time so taking your vitamins will supplement those needs. It will also help you develop beautiful skin and hair during your pregnancy.

  1. Avoid strong chemicals

Many body washes have sulfate, which dries out the skin and decreases its elasticity with continuous use. Opt for a natural cleanser instead; it will hydrate your skin. Coconut oil is a wonderful and organic skin cleanser. Massage it on your skin, wash off with lukewarm water, and use a soft towel to pat dry your skin.

If you follow the above tips, you will be able to succeed in reducing stretch marks during pregnancy.


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