6 Unbelievable Baby Care Myths Busted!

Baby Care Myths

Pregnancy, parenting, and baby care are surely the hottest topics on the internet and in the inner circle. But don’t believe the hype because everyone becomes an expert when it comes to advising new parents.

A bulk of information passed on from one generation to another gave births to several myths with no evidence or explanation behind them.

Here are a few examples of baby care myths that you need to cross off from your list.

  1. Swaddling is good

Swaddling, the art of wrapping babies in a warm blanket and putting them in the crib, is an ancient technique. The proponents of the technique claim that swaddled babies sleep longer, feel safe and fuss less.

However, swaddling can disrupt skin-to-skin bonding between the parents and the baby, which is required to stabilize his or her heart rate, hormonal levels, and breathing rate. It slows down weight gain, reduces hunger, and increases dehydration in babies. A swaddled baby can become overheated and can’t wave his or her arms or legs to cool himself or herself.

So, don’t swaddle the babies all the time—give them some breathing space!

  1. Keep your babies inside the house for 30 days to ward off evil

A lot of parents don’t want to take their infant outdoors because of the fear that they’ll get sick. Neither ‘kaalatika’ nor keeping the baby inside for 30 days has anything to do with warding off evil.

Contrary to this, you should take your newborn outside to parks, beaches, and near water because babies need fresh air, plenty of sunshine, and greenery for proper development. They must interact with the outside environment as it helps them prepare better.

  1. Teething Causes Fever

Teething may cause a low-grade fever, mild irritation, excessive drooling, crying, or may induce the desire to chew on something. However, the symptoms vary from children to children. Sometimes, mild fever and rash may develop due to allergies and seasonal infections, especially when the weather is changing.

Therefore, you need to keep tabs on your baby’s development and consult a doctor if he or she shows signs of lethargy, mild fever, and irritation.

  1. Crying means they’re Hungry or Need a Diaper Change

Crying babies may not always need food or a diaper change. Crying is the only means for the baby to communicate with you. They cry to express themselves. Sometimes, they cry just to attract attention. Other times, they may be crying due to bad dreams, irritation, or simply because they’re sick and not feeling good.

  1. Sunbathing Makes Them Stronger

While babies need a healthy dose of sunlight between 7 am to 10 am, all babies does not require this. Exposing them to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun for a prolonged period can cause irritation, skin problems, and poor vision.

  1. Baby Walkers help them Walk Faster

This is the biggest myth of them all. Walkers just provide them with support. In order for the baby to walk, he or she needs to develop strong legs, which is possible if they get proper sleep, a healthy diet, and when you massage their legs regularly to strengthen the muscles.

There are many more myths that you must ignore. Dig up information from reliable sources and double-check them before putting them into practice.

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