How To Deal With Your Kid’s Homework Effectively In Your Busy Schedule

Juggling between household chores and work is not easy. Working mothers or otherwise, both need to be up on toes to meet the needs,so as to provide what is expected of them even during theirsuper busy schedule.

I am too one of those moms who runs from pillar to post to deliver the best. Especially when it comes to my son’s homework. Out of all the tasks that I have to perform, it consumes most of my creativity, patience and time.

But as I have been a work-from-home mother for quite some time now, I have learned the trick of the trade.And if you too want to know the best ways to deal with your kid’s homework even when working on deadlines or home chores follow the dossier below:

  1. Prepare and follow a daily routine
    Carefully construct a timeline for the whole day which will be followed daily by both you and your child. Mention the time requiredfor all kind of activities – homework, mealtime, watching TV, house chores, play time etc.  Stick it up somewhere, for better visibility, performance, and follow-up.
  2. Fix the homework hours
    During the day set the hours which will be purely dedicated to homework apart from the hours for self-study or tuition class.
    Give half an hour at least to complete the homework of one subject.
  3. Mutually decide and adhere to the homework rules
    Sit with your child and ask him/her the exact manner in which they want to complete their homework. Set the rules once they finalize them. And adhere to the same.
  4. Prioritise to complete the work which is most important FIRST
    If you are the one who is facing deadlines at work, then try to finish it offEARLY. But if your child’s homework, assignments, and projects are more demanding then work on them first to save yourself from sleepless nights later.
    Because when you willwork in an orderly manner you will be able to devote time to your kid’s homework too.
  5. Work out a win-win schedule
    Decide your working hours in tandem with your child’s homework and study time. Maintain it throughout without bringing in major changes until faced with some urgent meetings or submission deadlines.
    Frequent changes may disrupt the whole schedule, so stick to the one that is already set. But do make the child aware of any such urgencies and their importance beforehand if they are bound to happen. And make necessary arrangements on your behalf so their study time also does not get hampered.
  6. Encouragement is the key
    Encourage your child to complete their homework by seeking your guidance while you are working on your own chores or assignments. Because spoon feeding the child all the time is also not healthy at all.When you will encourage them,they will feel involved and will be able to better understand the topic as they will get hands-on experience while completing it. It is more important for them to do it by themselves rather than watching you complete it.

    So, sit with them to guide them through any difficulties. This way you will be able to multi-task and complete your child’s homework as well as your work.

  7. Check the homework progress in between
    It may happen that you get immensely engrossed in your own work, so while taking some time off from your work or break time check the progress of the homework your child has completed. Ask them if they need any help. Seeing you too much occupied, they may hesitate to disturb you, so it is better youyourself ask them and show that you are concerned and are there for helping them out.
  8. Complete the demanding projects beforehand
    If your child’s homework demands too much attention or you know that it will take longer to complete it say days or weeks, then try to get them completed so that you can take up your work and meet the deadlines without stressing over it later.
  9. Stay in tune with fellow moms and teachers
    Staying up with the fellow moms and teachers about the homework, assignments, tests and other study related matters will help you plan your futureevents, meetings, office discussions well in advance.

You will be in a better position to effectively communicate and manage any such emergencies at the office and at home.

This will also display your time management skills, dedication towards work, home and child and will also present you as the ideal model mainly for superbly balancing out both the duties of home and work.

These are some ways a doting mother can take control of her work, home chores and most importantly her kid’s homework.

So, mommyinclude this dossier, plan your day well, effectively help out your kid in his/her homework and see for yourself how it will ease up your life too, the way it sorted mine!

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