What foods you think you can eat while breastfeeding but shouldn’t be

eat healthy during pregnancy

Like most expectant mothers, you made your best attempt to eat healthy during pregnancy to ensure a bonny baby. But should you really stop keeping an eye on what you eat after your pregnancy is over? Are there foods to avoid while breastfeeding your newborn?

It is imperative that mothers take regular healthy diet when breastfeeding to get vital supplements and furthermore to increase breast milk levels.

Though not every baby is allergic to the same food items, below are 10 common foods that nursing mothers to avoid

  1. Caffeine
    We all love caffeine, more so when you’re not getting adequate sleep. The caffeine finds its way into breast milk and gets then transferred to the baby, which can make it difficult for the baby to nod off.If you can avoid caffeine altogether, your baby would be thanking you!
  1. Fish
    You don’t have to stop eating fish altogether, but be particular about what kinds of fish you’re eating. Some fish can be high in mercury, which can get into your breast milk.
  1. Peppermint or Parsley
    The issue with these herbs is they both have the capacity to reduce your breast milk supply. If eaten in small quantities, they don’t cause any issue, but be wary of consuming too much.
  1. Dairy
    Dairy is one of the most common foods that cause problems in breastfed babies. If your baby is particularly fussy after nursing, has sleep issues, or has skin issues, eliminating dairy from the diet is a good way to begin.
  1. Alcohol
    This one is a no-brainer. The golden rule about drinking alcohol is: do not drink and then nurse your baby. It will be passed on to the baby through breast milk. Once you feel fine after you’ve had alcohol (if you really need to slug one down, that is), you may start nursing again.
  1. Peanuts
    If there is a history of peanut allergy in your family, avoid eating peanuts until your baby is accustomed to food other than breast milk.
  1. Citrus
    If your baby’s digestive tract is still undeveloped, then citrus fruits can be particularly irritating. Citrus can cause fussiness, spitting up, and even rash. If you wish to have some vitamin C, have mango or pineapple instead.
  1. Wheat
    Gluten intolerance may be the reason if your baby develops bloody stools or a painful stomach. Similar to dairy, an elimination diet is the best way to find out if your baby has gluten intolerance.
  1. Garlic
    If your baby pulls off while being breastfed, garlic could be the reason. While the vast majority of us love garlic in our food, babies’ sense of taste wouldn’t have developed enough to like it yet.
  1. Spicy Foods
    Spicy foods like peppers and chilly may disrupt the baby’s system. The baby has a delicate system and may get a stomach ache or suffer from diarrhea.

Knowing the foods to avoid while breastfeeding your baby is essential knowledge every new mother should have. Your baby will let you know if something is disagreeing with his or her system.  Always check with the pediatrician if necessary.

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