Excellent all-round benefits of Sesame oil for baby massage

Sesame. The magic word. Do you remember ‘Open Sesame!’ in ‘Ali Baba & Forty Thieves’? Whilst we do not know if he was referring to the Sesame seed, a theory has it that Sesame means God or Sem in Hebrew, so possibly that is what Ali Baba was referring to. Also, there is an American Educational TV show which has reached its 46th season this year and is inspired by Ali Baba’s magical words. Yes, you are right. It is called Sesame Street. Who knew the word Sesame would be this popular? Sesame is a flowering plant of the genus Sesamum and is cultivated for its edible seeds. According to Wikipedia, it has one of the highest oil content known, when compared to other seeds and has a rich nutty flavour.

Down South, the oil is popularly known as ‘Nalla Ennai’ which means ‘Good oil’ and the Tamilians use this oil to make some yummy tamarind rice and coconut rice. Are you drooling already?

Massage for newborns and the new mother has plenty of benefits. I learnt quite late in life that midwife we hired used sesame oil to massage my little one around twice a week. Amidst various other lectures, I remember my mother informing me that Sesame is one of the best oils as it has a wonderful texture, is rich in Vitamins A, B and E and minerals. Later, I came across a study on this oil which said it promotes growth in the baby and boosts sleep. The only hard part of this is you are hungry by the time you finish the massage. Visions of coconut rice have reached their peak and you are smacking your lips by the time you finish the massage.

That said, Sesame oil has the ability to improve hair and skin, boost bone growth, reduce blood pressure and protect infant health! And that is just a few things that this magic oil can do.

We will need a few pages to write about the benefits of Sesame. As a nose drop, it can cure chronic sinusitis. As a throat gargle, it can kill bacteria. Keeps the joints flexible. Good for young skin. Protects tender baby skin against rash. Used as a garnish on bakery products.

Also, remember that the lovely mother and baby combination that you see on television may not be the exact thing in reality. Your baby may yell and shriek and give you a hard time. While you try to put your baby face up, the baby may go face down and instead of giving her a frontal massage you may end up giving her a back massage. You may also reach the end of your tether and decide you need a massage for yourself. Ensure you and your baby are relaxed before the massage! After all, you are trying to benefit the baby and not create problems for her/him.

Ted Allen, notable cookbook author and television personality says ‘Sesame oil is probably my favourite condiment, period”. Where in the world can you get such rich oil which has so many benefits, culinary and medicinal? Well, luckily, you don’t have to look too far! Mama Earth, which is Asia’s 1st safe certified brand, gives you the best massage oil for your baby – a soothing massage oil which is a combination of sesame, almond and jojoba oils. So go right ahead and order it for your baby!

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