Looking like an unkempt whale? 10 tips to look gorgeous during maternity

Rrrrip! Embarrassing! At 17 weeks, when my trousers ripped in an office meeting, I knew I had to make THE maternity wear adjustments that I had been avoiding. I got to into it right away and was glad it all worked out well. What worked for me, I hope works for all you lovely moms-to-be as well and so am sharing my pregnancy clothing tips with you.


Ten tips for what to wear (and what not to!) during pregnancy:

  1. In the first trimester, your existing clothes should fit you. Review your existing wardrobe to see how many have a margin/leeway for alterations and your trusty tailor can alter them for you to accommodate your baby bump (and other bumps!)
  2. Extend your bra bands to their maximum size. You’ll have to get new bras when your cup size increases, preferably cotton which is light as well as durable. Replace your satin/silk knickers with cotton. Believe me, your body will thank you for the trade.
  3. Use long shirts/tunics/stretchy tops/V-necked Tees/maxi dresses. Now’s the time to dig out your partner’s wardrobe. You can also wear a long skirt /loose fitting trousers/yoga pants, just a little bit higher over your bump with minimum discomfort
  4. This one’s my favourite – Use a rubber band looped through the buttonhole and wrapped around the button with your favourite jeans to allow an increase in girth (yes, ladies, ‘girth’…get used to it!) size and still hold up the jeans! Many maternity stores also sell jeans with elastic waistband with no hassle of buttons or zippers. A belly band, which is a knit elastic band that can be worn over unbuttoned pants/skirts. It will hide all zippers and buttons while keeping your pants/skirts where they belong and also act as a support for the back.
  5. Tunics with slits on the sides or long maxi dresses give the chic look while being comfortable. Wear long cotton kurtas or salwar kameez with drawstring bottoms or free-size leggings. If you’re a ‘Friends’ fan you’ll remember Phoebe wearing a Santa Claus suit to stay comfy, with these tips hopefully you won’t have to go that far! If you feel a pain in the abdomen, it can mean that your current bottoms need a review and replacement.
  6. Use accessories to the fullest with your clothes, like a colourful scarf or bead necklaces to give a completely new look. It can take the attention away from your bump. Long duplicates will help you cover your bump if you feel uncomfortable. A colourful handbag can be used to carry any pregnancy essentials, which can also be a lovely accessory. Teamed with these and with your cool pregnancy glow, you will be brightening up every room you walk into.
  7. You can wear your gorgeous sarees if that’s your style with the slight adjustment to the blouses. 
  8. Dark colours can be slimming, particularly black and grey or anything with vertical stripes. Dark colours can also be a huge blessing in case of milk leakage (embarrassing!) post-delivery as it’s not glaringly prominent.
  9. Avoid like the plague!
  10. Heavily embroidered clothes with mirrors or glitter (which can be an irritant for you and post-delivery, for your baby while feeding)
  11. Tight round necks
  12. Jumpsuits (will be a circus to get them off and back on your countless, and I mean countless pee trips) 
  13. Heels because they can make you trip and can give you a bad back. Flat shoes/ sandals /sensible sneakers are the best for you and your feet during this period.
  14. Good luck ladies and we sure hope these tips help you with your clothing adjustments in your magical time. Be stylish, be trendy and most importantly, be relaxed. Ciao.

Image credits: Marie Charlotte, Copyright info (c) Marie Charlotte Yao/Macha.Me


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