Miracle Mask to get glowing skin in 15 minutes!

Ladies, I am sure you long to have a beautiful glowing face every time you see yourself in the mirror! And for that, you desire to have that one magic wand that treats the problems as well as provides you with a healthy and bright face.

Well, there is one miracle mask, loaded with fruit extracts and natural ingredients that will surely take care of your worries. And will help you to gain the natural radiance and flawless skin.

It is the brilliantly curated and created the C3 Face Mask. This MamaEarth’s Charcoal, Coffee & Clay Face Mask contains a careful mix of mulberry, cucumber, and papaya fruit extracts to give the face the required hydration.

So, apply this face mask to not only get that lost glow but also to reduce blemishes and toxins off your face. In just 15 minutes you will witness natural glow and a healthy-looking skin surfacing up. But make sure you clean up the face prior to the application of this C3 face mask.

C3 Face Mask’s 6 Awesome Ingredients

Well, each of the mentioned ingredients is added to this mask for their skin rejuvenating and cleansing properties that miraculously help you get the perfect glow in no time.

  1. Papaya helps in revitalizing the skin.                                                              
  2. Cucumber is very useful to reduce dark spots caused due to excessive melanin, healing a sun burnt skin as well as for creating even skin tone.                                                             
  3. Mulberry is great for sensitive skin and it helps to rejuvenate the skin by removing toxins, unclogging pores as well as help in reducing them.                                                            
  4. Face masks with Clay helps in skin firming; reduction of pores as well as skin rejuvenation.
  5. The natural activated Charcoal as part of face mask helps to pull the toxins and dust away and helps to lighten the skin pigmentation.
  6. Coffee as an active ingredient of a facemask helps to
  • Increase the blood circulation.
  • Research has also shown that caffeine helps to reduce cellulite, removes hyperpigmentation, pregnancy mask and in general, dark spots.
  • Makes the skin firmer and smoother,
  • Protects the skin that has been damaged due to the sun.
  • Completely kill the damaged skin cells, thereby avoiding the possibility of mutation and growth of unwanted cancerous cells.

It is because of the presence of these 6 fruit extracts and ingredients that this organic face mask truly becomes a worthful buy.

Application of C3 face mask on face & witness the wonders

Apply a thick layer on the face and upper part of the neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave on to dry for 10 – 15 minutes. Remove the mask first by gently rubbing in circular motions for an overall exfoliation. Wash any excess with lukewarm water and gently pat dry. Recommended to use twice a week and to follow with your favourite moisturizer.

When you will apply this face mask the natural ingredients will do their magic trick and will exfoliate the skin so that the dead skin cells get removed and you get only the clearer and brighter skin. It will also make sure that your face gets a good riddance from the skin inflammations like pimples, redness, and acne.

Many times it so happens that, while looking what needs to be done to get the glowing face, taking care of the under eye skin takes a backseat. According to an insight by an eminent beauty expert the under eye skin is thin compared to the skin of the cheeks. And when faced with pollution, dirt the skin of the cheek drains out the moisture from the under eye region which makes the skin darker. So it is recommended that the under eye skin should be moisturised overnight as well while taking care of the face. For this one should consider a Natural Under Eye Cream like the one from MamaEarth because it not only aids in reducing dark circles but also minimizes the sun damage, under eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles, and much more.

Even the ladies who complain of dull, darker face and spots and dark circles under eye during the pregnancy period can also apply the C3 face mask and under eye cream to their face to compensate for whatever the skin is lacking. Because both these face mask and under eye cream are meant to provide the additional support to the skin in its regenerative process.

Also as both Mamaearth’s C3 Face Mask and Under Eye Cream does not contain any harmful chemicals like alcohol, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, PEG & fragrances it is completely safe for the expecting moms.

So ladies think no more, just grab your Miracle Mask and even the Under Eye Cream to see yourself transform into a Beautiful YOU!

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