7 Pregnancy Myths Busted, Dusted, and Done!

pregnancy myths

You get to hear loads of old wives’ tale when you are pregnant.  These can be entertaining, but some of them could also worry you. From books to magazines and friends to relatives, all have quite a lot of pregnancy do’s and don’ts—now that can be confusing!

Here are some popular pregnancy myths—busted, dusted, and done!

  1. Myth 1- Stress bad for fetus
    New research shows that moderate stress is good for the fetus.  Stress tones the fetus’ nervous system and accelerates its development.  The research also shows that women undergoing moderate stress had infants with brains that worked at a faster clip than infants of women with lesser stress.  It also showed toddlers with the higher motor and mental development scores.
  2. Myth 2-Exercise During pregnancy not good for the fetus
    Exercising will make you and your baby healthy, giving you an easier birth experience.  Research has shown that babies of exercisers have lower birth weight, and turn out to be intelligent adults because of their bigger brains. So, enroll yourself with a qualified prenatal exercise expert and get the right workout for your body.
  3. Myth 3-During pregnancy eat for two
    You need not eat for two as the second person you are eating for is too tiny.  During pregnancy, you need to follow a well-balanced diet and just need to add extra 500 calories a day.  Overeating can be equally bad for you causing excessive weight gain and gestational diabetes.  Try to eat lots of vegetables and good protein like chicken, egg, bean, etc. along with right amount of carbohydrates. Snack on nuts, seeds, and fruits, and stop worrying about gaining weight.
  4. Myth 4-You should not fly
    Are you planning to fly out? Well that is fabulous! Enjoy your holidays before the baby’s arrival.  Check up with airlines before you book tickets.  After 28 weeks, you will require a letter from your doctor saying that you are low risk and healthy for travel. Check your travel insurance and make sure it covers your pregnancy.  You don’t want anybody spoiling your holidays.
  5. Myth 5-No sex during pregnancy
    As long as you are enjoying a healthy pregnancy, sex can in no way harm you.  For some, sex seems to be better as it increases blood flow in the pelvic area.  Though it could trigger practice contractions, it is nothing to worry about.  Sex strengthens the bond between you and your partner and it is important when the baby arrives.  Try to avoid sex in later months, and if you have a cervical weakness, low-lying placenta, or any bleeding.
  6. Myth 6- Stay away from cats
    can stay away from these furry balls of mischief? During pregnancy, there is absolutely nothing to fear about cats.  Recent studies show that there is no risk of toxoplasmosis if you are in constant contact with cats.  However, care should be taken while cleaning the cat litter, as this where the parasite that causes the infection lives.  Use gloves, avoid contact while cleaning, and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly.
  7. Myth 7 Consuming papaya can cause miscarriage
    There is a lot of speculation regarding the types of food to eat during pregnancy.  We constantly hear that papayas are unsafe during pregnancy.  Papaya seeds contain an ingredient that could trigger contractions when consumed in large quantities.  Eating ripe papaya in small quantities is healthy and perfectly safe for you and your baby.
  8. Myth 8-Announcing pregnancy in the first trimester
    Your pregnancy has nothing to do with bad luck or miscarriage.  The fact is that most of the pregnancies are lost during the first trimester, due to hormonal reasons or some other developmental issues.  It is just nature taking its course by aborting the fetus if is not viable and nothing to do with bad luck.

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