Revealed: Tips for Hair Care During Pregnancy

Tips for Hair Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy – the amazingly beautiful phase in a woman’s life when all she feels is love for her to be born child. It’s an overwhelming and joyful time of her life that she holds dear to her heart, forsaking the pains that come with it.

Pregnancy is a truly fascinating experience as you get to know your body’s capabilities of nurturing a tiny, fragile heart inside. Along with it, the body goes through various physical, emotional, and mental changes. These occur due to the increased levels of estrogen hormone in the woman’s body. The face loses its charm, the body gets swollen, and mood swings happen quite often.

These extra hormones make the hair cycle go for a toss, too. It creates a significant change in how the hair grows, transitions, and sheds. During pregnancy, some women witness thicker and voluminous hair, while some face thinning of the hair. For some, their hair becomes dry, frizzy, or curly. For some, the continued growth of hair during the nine months of pregnancy results in less shedding of the hair. But post-pregnancy, they face hair falling all over the place.

Thus, apart from your overall health and skin, taking care of hair is of paramount importance during these miraculous nine months of pregnancy.

Take the best care of your hair with these tips.

Regular Hair Massage

To begin with, indulge in good hair massage sessions by applying the natural oils into the scalp. Do it often to relax and calm down those tiding emotions and to nourish the hair deeply. Massaging the hair with oil improves blood circulation, thereby inducing hair growth, improving its texture, and thickness.

Massage hair three to four times a week. Go for natural ingredient-based oil like mustard, coconut, almond, and olive. Heat the oil so that when applied, you feel the warmth of it on your scalp causing the nerves to relax simultaneously. You can pick either of these or can burn almonds in the mustard oil, an effective combination, to enjoy a healthy mane.

Remember to be a regular with head massage both during and post-pregnancy phase as only this regimen will help to strengthen the roots from within and will prevent the future hair fall problem.

Use Root Restore Hair Oil by Mamaearth as it is a therapeutic blend of 8 herbal oils which promote a healthy scalp and strengthen the hair roots.

Cleanse and Condition

During pregnancy, use a mild shampoo enriched with natural cleaning agents. It is because the hair is already going through a sea of changes. You do not want to use harsh chemicals now and bear the brunt of losing them later. So don’t hop from one shampoo to another; simply stick to using one – natural, gentle shampoo for your mane. Shampoo hair at least once or twice a week. As you progress in pregnancy, seek help or sit on a chair while washing the hair.

You can use Mamaearth’s Happy Heads shampoo as it gently cleanses and promotes a healthy scalp. It removes the built-up residue from the scalp.

Conditioning is as essential as shampooing. Use a mild conditioner to soften and detangle the hair. Using Mamaearth’s No More Tangles Conditioner is one way to ensure that the hair is nourished from root to tip with efficacious natural ingredients.

Say No To Hair Colors And Other Chemicals

To put in simple words, completely avoid the idea of coloring or straightening or keratin treatment of the hair. Pregnancy means whatever you are applying, or ingesting directly or indirectly affects the growth of the baby. Certain chemicals, hair colors, and dyes are known to trigger allergies and infections during pregnancy. Sometimes application of hair chemicals may even result in severe birth ailments, like the low birth weight of the offspring.

So, dodge the idea of applying any kind of chemicals to your hair at all costs because you would not want any of your fetish to come in the way of your baby’s healthy growth!

Don’t Comb Wet Hair

Combing wet hair is a big No-no. Wet hair is delicate and gets easily plucked away while combing. So, during pregnancy, it is all the more important not to comb wet hair as it leads to more hair fall. Dry hair naturally or use a hairdryer set at medium levels.

Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle hair nicely and without hurting your scalp.

You can use Mamaearth’s Detangle Hair Spray for the reason that it is natural, and it simultaneously keeps hair moisturized, smooth, and shiny.

Eat A Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is required both for your health and for the growth of your baby. It gives you the inner strength that you most need during pregnancy.

So, eat lots of fruits, vegetables, cheese, soya, and dry fruits. Increase your liquid intake –drink lots of water, milk, fresh juices, and coconut water. Add meat, fish to your plate if you can digest it well and want an extra dose of proteins. Prepare a scrumptious colorful mixed dish of all things nutritious that provide you with the right amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins.

Eventually, everything you eat during pregnancy helps in nurturing the baby and helping you endure the changes. So, eat right, as having a wholesome balanced diet not only ensures a healthy you but also healthy and happily nourished hair.

Relax and Calm Your Senses

During pregnancy, the overdriving hormones, mood swings, and stress adversely affect your hair resulting in severe hair fall. You don’t want that. So just relax and calm yourself down with the activities that you most like.

Pick an old hobby, start painting, write your pregnancy journey, cook what you crave for, listen to music, make music, practice yoga moves to ease up the birthing process, go on a shopping spree, go for long walks, pamper yourself at the salon, read books, talk to your growing baby, decorate the baby’s room, there are lots of comforting and soothing things to engage oneself. So just indulge in creative, calming, and happy something or thoughts to keep yourself and your beautiful hair far away from stress.

Understand and Trim Your Tresses

During pregnancy, you need to know about the ever-changing hair condition and should use the most suitable products. Mamaearth has an array of natural hair care products ranging from hair oils, masks, shampoos, and conditioners. These products have ingredients like Onion, Argan, Tea Tree, as their core components. So, understand your hair texture, its demands, and use the one that best fits.

Based on the hair type, you should stylize your hair as well. Trimming the split ends, breakage, or going for a haircut is always an excellent way to maintain healthy curls. Get one done as it is a great mood uplifter, a face changer during the already demanding pregnancy phase.

To be a mother is indeed a lifetime blessing! Your motto should be only to enjoy the incredible nine months of pregnancy! So, stress little, relax more to-be-mama! And say bye-bye to the pregnancy hair woes by religiously following the above-cited hair care tips!

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