Skincare Post Shaving

You might have managed to get rid of that week long stubble and get yourself a clean shave. But don’t forget to take care of your skin post shaving, which forms a vital part of male grooming episode. Razor burns, spots and dry skin and skin hardening are common results from shaving which if not taken proper care can result in skin hardening.

Why you forget after shave care?

Shaving is something which you might have picked up from your elders by mere observation and there’s probably no such tips on how to care for your skin post shave was passed on to you. But it is indispensable and easy to follow in our fast paced lifestyle – after all glowing, unblemished and healthy skin can enhance your look and personality.

These very basic tips can regain that radiance in your skin.

  1. Most of the shavers end up experiencing burning sensation post shave. And the best remedy for this is to apply ice. Ice shuts those pores which are agitated and opened by the shaves. On ignoring this, the facial pores, keep getting bigger and bigger with each shave. Ice also helps your face to feel cool and relaxed after the shave.
  2. Cucumber is another natural healer. Its juice can be frozen or applied directly to keep your face hydrated and cool, thereby providing relaxing effect on your facial skin.
  3. Apply after shave lotions after saving. This is an ideal way to replace the lost moisture and soothe your skin. Buy MamaEarth Reboot After Shave Lotion with the goodness of Witchhazel, Cedarwood & Shea which have soothing properties. It is also enriched with green tea, loaded with antioxidants that make for a powerful soothing agent.
  4. For an acne or pimple prone skin, shaving can be very worrisome and it can even lead to painful after effects. It is advisable to use pimple cream right after you are done with shaving to prevent those pimples from bursting or growing in size.
  5. Those with dry skin can use any facial cream right after the shave. This will prevent your face from drying up and flaking.
  6. In case you have to venture out of your home after a shave be sure to apply sun block. Freshly shaven face is more prone to the sun’s UV rays than it is with the protective layer of stubble.
  7. To avoid razor burns, you can use an anti-razor burn lotion. This lotion can be applied just half an hour after you finish off shaving. This eventually reduces razor burn, irritation and itchiness caused by shaving. It infuses healing antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to combat the redness. Razor burns are even caused by bacteria that grows unchecked on the razor. Hence clean the blade by rubbing alcohol and then rinse it well before using it.

Over and above all, make sure not to shave too frequently. Avoid doing that to maintain a healthy facial skin. Daily shave isn’t required, according to the growth of facial hairs, shaving can be restricted to twice or thrice a week. By shaving less you would do less harm to your skin.

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