Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts for New Moms

Invited for a baby shower? You must be confused and clueless on what to get the mom-to-be.  Well, it can be quite a harrowing affair to get an appropriate and practical gift for the baby.

While the market is flooded with products for babies, but you know that mothers to be want the best quality and safest products for their precious.

There is no compromise on the health of our little angels, so you can opt for eco-friendly and certified toxin-free products.

Here are some great baby shower gifts you can buy

  1. Bundle of joy Hamper

Now that is what you call a sensible gift for new parents.  Choose any product from a list and gift a customized to your loved one.  Some of the products you can find are Diaper Rash Cream, India’s first Organic Bamboo Based Wipes, and Natural Insect Repellant.

  • Diaper Rash Cream- We know how a wet diaper cause those red rashes making the baby uncomfortable. Mamaearth has brought this magical cream which provides instant relief from diaper rashes and the zinc oxide seals out the wetness.
  • India’s First Organic Bamboo Based Wipes- Wipes are the savior from those messy situations that we go through when we have a baby. Mamaearth’s wipes are hypoallergenic are safe for the baby’s delicate skin.  It is a biodegradable product made from organic bamboo and enriched with vitamin E, shea butter, and almond oil nourishes your baby’s skin.
  • Natural Insect Repellant- Mamaearth’s insect repellant is 100% natural made from lemongrass oil, citronella oil, and Peppermint oil protects our little ones. With the Made Safe Certification you would not find a better and safer insect repellant in the market.
  1. Baby Monitor

A portable baby monitor is something that would be great for nervous first time moms and dads will appreciate.  Nowadays, these gadgets have become sophisticated and can pick up even the faintest breaths within a range of 600 feet.  You can find motion sensors and video monitors also available in the market, which helps parents see and hear their baby.

  1. Baby Activity Gym

A colorful activity gym would get babies excited and engaging in playtime without disturbing moms.  These gyms nowadays come with mirrors, noisemakers, of different shapes sizes and shapes dangling within the baby’s grasp and encourage his sight and motor skills.

  1. New Mama Tool Kit

We have put together a perfect customized hamper, all you got to do is pick things you want.  Pamper yourself with this hamper.  Some of the products available in the hamper are

  • Body Crème-Mama earth’s stretch mark removal cream enriched with shea butter and cocoa butter helps your skin regain elasticity reducing the stretch marks and removes the scars.
  • Nipple Butter Cream– Nursing is the best way to establish the bond between mom and baby. Let nothing stop you from feeding your baby.  Mamaearth’s nipple cream comes with goodness of coconut oil is perfect remedy for sore and cracked nipples.
  • Calming Body Wash– We, at Mamaearth, know the importance of taking care of yourself too. Calming body wash is loaded with jojoba oil and coconut cleanses your skin nourishing it throughout.  Vitamin E oil and Allantoin helps cell development and reducing the effects of sun damage.  The geranium oil improves your mood and reduces fatigue rejuvenating you instantly.
  1. Baby Sling

A sling is the easiest way to carry babies around making them feelwarm and cozy.  They can be turned to forward facing position where they can enjoy the view as you walk.  The simple design also helps leaves your hands free to do all the household chores while their little one enjoys being snuggled up in the pouch.

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