Why Night Creams are an Important Part of Your Skincare Routine

woman applying night cream

Whether you work from home or the office, one of the most significant parts of our day is still going to bed. You brush your teeth, get into comfy pajamas and reach out for your regular moisturizer. But wait, is that moisturizer a night cream?

Many people think that it doesn’t matter and that night creams are just a marketing tactic. After all, a moisturizer is a moisturizer, isn’t it? Not at all! The difference between them is, well, night and day!

How are Night Creams different?

Day creams are meant for use during the daytime when you are likely to be exposed to the sun’s rays. A day cream’s main purpose is to protect your skin from the elements and dirt and pollutants your skin encounters daily. They often contain SPF, to protect your skin against sun damage. As a result, day creams generally have a light formulation and may serve multiple purposes like a BB cream, tinted moisturizer, and sunscreen.

On the other hand cream are thicker and contain many more active ingredients like glycolic acid, AHAs, or retinol. The skin undergoes maximum cell repair and rejuvenation during nighttime, so this is when all those ingredients are most needed. 

So, what exactly are these benefits? Here’s a quick look at why night creams are an important part of your skincare routine and why you can’t skip them or ‘adjust’ with your regular day cream.

1. They offer intense hydration

Your skin is in constant need of hydration, even when you sleep during the night. If you live in a region where the air is dry or if you use an air conditioner or haven’t had enough fluids during the day, your skin is more prone to dryness and resultant damage. A night cream is thick and offers intense hydration thanks to ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Night creams are formulated to release hydration throughout for the night, and it also acts as a humectant by locking in the moisture.

2. They prevent signs of premature aging

This is probably one benefit of night creams that most of us are familiar with! It is when we sleep that the skin goes into cell renewal and regeneration mode. The night cream helps the skin along in this process by speeding up the reconstruction of cells. Night creams also boost collagen production with the help of ingredients like retinol and prevent early signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

3. They repair damaged skin

During the day, our skin is subject to pollutants in the air and water as well as to chemicals in makeup. Skin is also exposed to the sun’s rays, even if you’re indoors. In winter, you may have to face sharp, dry winds that can cause chapping. All this damage is repaired at night when cells regeneration is at its highest, and this is why a night cream is so significant to repair damaged skin.

4. They heal specific skin problems

Each one of us has different skin issues. Whether it’s hyperpigmentation, acne, dryness, dark circles, or irritated skin, there is a night cream that can help to solve the problem. The skin is more permeable and more open to receiving nutrients night, which is why it makes sense to apply a night cream that has ingredients to fix your particular skin issue. 

5. They improve blood circulation to the face

Night creams are best applied in light massaging strokes, moving upward in a circular motion. This light massage brings the blood flow to the face that improves the absorption of your product and makes sure your skin gets all the nutrients in it. Increased blood flow also improves cellular regeneration and brings a natural glow to the face.

Choosing the right Night Cream

There are various night creams to choose from to keep in mind your skin type and your specific skin requirements. Previously, people believed that night creams were to be used only after a ‘certain age’, but now experts recommend using a night cream from your twenties.

If you’re in your twenties, the ideal cream would repair damage and makes up for lifestyle issues like a bad diet or poor sleep. In your thirties, get a night cream with anti-aging benefits that also provide added glow. For mature skin, choose a cream that is hydrating and has more intense anti-aging benefits.

For dry skin, look for hyaluronic acid or squalene in the ingredient list. Glycolic or Lactic acid is perfect for oily skin while peptides work best for mature skin. Vitamins A, C, and E are good to have in any night cream, along with antioxidant-rich active ingredients.

As with most of our products, we recommend you carry out a patch test before you use any of our products to eliminate any allergies.

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