Winter is coming! Top Tips to keep body Hydrated

skincare for winters

Winter comes, and everything changes – we become lazy, stay cozy, sleep for long hours, binge on food, and more. Our alertness, concentration, even our skin and body, the way we look after ourselves, change. The skin texture becomes dry and dull due to the weather, and we are left with itchy and flaky skin.

So, here are a few tips that will help keep your skin hydrated, soft, and supple even during the winter months. Let’s get going and read ahead!

  • Drink More & More Water – Drink an adequate amount of water as it is required to maintain the body temperature, flush out the toxins, and lubricate the joints. Our body tends to ask for less water during the winter months, and hence the consumption decreases compared to summers. Keep a water bottle handy to not forget to sip in some water at regular intervals. It is recommended to drink at least eight water glasses every day to keep your body and skin hydrated. It is excellent for weight loss too, if that is on your mind!
  • Set Schedule To Drink Water – If you find it challenging to remember to drink water, drink it up on a schedule. Set an hourly alarm that alerts you to drink water so that you meet the daily water requirement and keep your body well hydrated.
  • Avoid Hot Water Baths – As the weather is dry and chilly, you would want to have a hot water bath. But to keep the skin hydrated, it is recommended to use lukewarm water, as it does not rob off your skin of the natural oils and helps to retain moisture.
  • Use Hydrating Topical Products – During winters, as the skin becomes dry, rough, and patchy, it needs intense hydration. Post bath, apply water-based body lotions that deeply penetrate and provide moisture into the skin cells. Use them regularly to fight off the dryness and roughness caused due to the cold, dry winter winds. You can keep the dry skin at bay with our body lotions available in variants of Vitamin C, Ubtan, Coco, and Rose for intense hydration. These are enriched with naturally moisturizing and deeply hydrating ingredients to provide you with bright, beautiful, and soft skin.
  • Use Hydrating Face Masks & Creams – Apply face masks, serums, and creams with hydrating and other skin-benefitting ingredients. Pamper your face with one that best suits your skin needs and mood and keeps your skin plump and moist. You can select among our Neem, CoCo, Vitamin C, and Ubtan face mask variants as each one is crafted to provide your skin with natural moisture-binding ingredients. They revitalize your skin, remove tan, reduce acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and help you have fresh, bright, soft, and flawless skin. Also, moisturize your face every day with our Vitamin C face cream for a healthy, happy, radiant, soft, and supple face.
  • Moisturise Hands Often- Don’t forget to provide enough hydration to your hands too. They are the most exposed part of your body, besides the face, especially during winters, and are the first to show the signs of dryness. So, use a powerful hydrating hand cream to beautify your hands and provide them with the moisture they so deserve. Mamaearth hand creams provide 2 in 1 action. They moisturize your hands and kills the germs too. They are available in variants of CoCo, Vitamin C, and Ubtanto offer glove-like protection to even the driest hands. So, apply them for soft and germ-free hands.

Keeping self and body hydrated is essential, more so in the winters. A hydrated body means well hydrated, happy, and hearty skin. If you find it challenging to do so, apply the tips to ward of the dryness and problem of dehydration. So, warm up your toes, hydrate your body and skin well and welcome in the festivity and warmth of the otherwise chilly winters with the tips mentioned above!

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