10 Must-Have Mamaearth Products For Winters

Winter Skincare

Let’s face it, winters are setting in, and with it, it’s bringing a plethora of skin and hair care woes. From an itchy scalp to pesky dandruff and dreadfully dry skin! The list is endless, but the good news is that we have you sorted! Mamaearth is your one-stop-shop for all your skin and hair care woes. Let’s get started.

Hair Care

Hair tends to get dry with flaky dandruff in the winters. One of the best ways we recommend to tame your tresses in the winter is to follow a good hair care regime. Let’s list it out for you:

Oil Your Hair

There are no compromises for this step. Your hair needs loads of nourishment in the winter season. Choose the oil according to your hair care requirements and massage from the roots to the tips. Massage your scalp gently to boost circulation and to let the oil penetrate deep into your roots. Need some extra love? Wrap a hot towel around your head to seal in the moisture.

Choose a Sulfate-Free Shampoo And Conditioner

Yes, all our products are sulfate and SLS free, so you can give that extra love to your hair when you are stepping into the shower to wash off the oils. No matter what the season is, always use lukewarm water to wash your hair. Follow up with a conditioner. Leave it on for a few minutes before you wash it off.

Weekly Hair Spa

With the COVID-19 scare, most of us are a tad hesitant to step out of our home for a salon visit. If you are someone who indulges in a hair spa, or loves to run your fingers through soft tresses, mask up your hair. Bring the salon home with Mamaearth range of Hair Masks! Mamaearth has 4 hair masks that leave your hair looking like a million bucks.

Save Your Tresses

Even if you are at home or are stepping out, use our best-selling Onion Serum that provides a protective layer to your hair to save it from the harsh UV rays and environmental pollutants.

Use Some Aloe

Pure Aloe Vera derived from the aloe plant deeply hydrates skin & hair. It soothes sunburnt skin, calms rashes, heals wounds, and reduces irritation. Naturally rich in vitamins, it slows down aging and reduces breakouts.

Now that we have your hair care sorted, let’s move to skincare.


People with dry skin face flakiness and stretching of the skin that requires to be moisturized regularly. On the other hand, people with oily skin can face breakouts, and, in some cases, uneven skin tone is a classic by-product of winters. So, choosing the right products for your face and body is a must.

A Gentle Face Wash

A mild facewash is what you need to cleanse your skin from all impurities. If you have a combination skin type, opt for the gentle Ubtan Face Wash and if you have oily skin, opt for the Tea Tree Face Wash or Charcoal Face Wash, because they will help to control the excess oil production. You can also try the extensive range of Vitamin C Face Wash or CoCo Face Wash from Mamaearth.

Use a Sunscreen

Even if you are at home, use the Mamaearth Ultra-Light sunscreen to protect your skin from any environmental damage. You can also use sunscreen as a base before you apply your make-up. Mamaearth HydraGel Indian Sunscreen is also a perfect choice for you this winters!

Use a Body Lotion

Keep your skin hydrated and nourished with body lotions. You have four variants to choose from! Refreshing Rose Body Lotion to Vitamin C body to keep your skin supple, soft, and smooth all day long! What else cold you ask for? Well, you also have the choice of Ubtan Body Lotion and CoCo Body Lotion if your skin is super dry!

Use a Serum

There is nothing more luxurious than your skin getting pampered for a good 8 hours as you sleep. Look up one of the super bestsellers like the Mamaearth Skin Correct Face Serum with Niacinamide and Ginger Extracts that also works wonders on oily and acne-prone skin. It nourishes your skin as you sleep, and you wake up feeling fresh as a daisy! You can also start Vitamin C regimen with Skin Illuminate Face Serum.

Use a Face Mask

At least once a week, use a face mask to give your skin the additional nourishment it needs. A face mask helps to draw out impurities caused by environmental pollutants and leaves your skin looking radiant.

That’s all you need to keep your winter skin, and hair care issues sorted. When you follow a regular regime, not just in the winter, but all your year long, your skin and hair will thank you for the love you shower on it! 

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